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November 2006

The Audi TT Turbo vs Audi TT V6 Quattro- Which is better?

When the new Audi TT hits the market mid 2007, you might be wondering which version is best?  Mr Jeremy Clarkson claims , who has of course already driven both, likes the 2 litre turbo and actually prefers it over the 3.2 V6. Why?  Clarkson believes with the 2 litre turbo , which he describes as being "murderous" compared to the "creamy and interesting"  V6, one  gets a better value.  Hence more
money for you to spend on tuner parts such as wheels , and a upgraded turbo chip in my own opinion. 

I will take Clarkson advice on this , if and when I am in the market for a new sport car in the future.   Later on in the article  Clarkson  reasoning behind not choosing the  3.2 V6 Quattro , is because  he would much rather have a  Alfa  Brera V6 Awd automobile- we here in America can not reason with this because Alfa's are not available here yet!  I have seen pictures of the Brera though and it is dead sexy. Ultimately though, Clarkson forgets to mention that the turbo based TT was not quattro hence it's similiar performance to the V6 based TT.  Evidently for a consumer it really depends on whether you need the all wheel drive.

Which would you choose based on styling?

Audi TT


(I built this TT at the official Audi UK website- loving it with the RS4 type wheels)


Alfa Romeo Brera


Head over the the Times for Clarkson's interesting Review of the Audi TT turbo vs the Audi TT 3.2 V6


Orange Porsche 911 GT3 RS

These pictures are a nice find if your are a Porsche 911 GT3 fan( who isn't).  It has already hit european roads(or should I say tracks?) and is set to release in the Us spring 2007.  Drivers will love the 415 hp engine and 4 second 0-60 time.  Compared to the regular GT3, this car is 44mm wider, hence much better for the track.



Source (photos):www.porsche.com

New Bmw M3 photos in Steel Gray.




Looking too itch that need you have to find out some information pertaining to the all new Bmw M3? Pictured here is the next generation M3 in Steel gray courtesy of the memberthusasits at m3post.com.  In the picture , one can see the production mirrors, possible production wheels, and front fascia for the all new m3. Check back at luxvelocity.com for continued information in relation to the new Bmw M3.

Photos via m3post.com

Photos of Updated Porsche Cayenne



I have been patiently waiting to see some shots of the new Cayenne re-design and here are a few highlighting the reworked headlights, front fascia, and more sporty lines.  Expect the re-designed Cayenne to be a huge hit for Porsche.

Photos via Auto Motor und Sport

AC Schnitzer Bmw 335i Coupe



Finally the day has come :pictures of the modified 335i Coupe from Ac Schnitzer have arrived!
As of rigth now just exterior modifications are availabe from ACS- rims, aeros, etc. In the future ace tuner AC Schnitzer plans to add performance modifications to the lineup for the new 3 Series Coupe.

more info available via www.acschnitzer.com

New 2008 Aston Martin DBS Debut in Casino Royale is Out of Control!


(The 2008 Aston Martin DBS is built @ the British Gaydan plant and uses a Ford engine from Cologne plant.)

When I saw the previews for the Bond film, Casino Royale,  I  knew I would end up seeing it for two reasons: one for the vehicles : The Asty, and two : for the girls (Miss Eva Green was very good in the film, so naturally beautiful.) The 2007 Aston Martin DBS makes a few appearances (looks and sounds beautiful) in the film before doing 7 canon rolls , totally destroying the car. (I would give out why he crashes it , but you really should go see it ).  Aston Martin is rumored to be sold by the end of this year- and the Britsh brand hopes to stay in the Uk.  Who do you think will pick up Aston Martin? 

via Birmingham Post


Audi TT Out Now Down Under!


Seeing that the new 2007 seven speed S-tronic Audi TT is out in Australia , makes me want to make a reservation with Qantas right away for an immediate test drive of the vehicle in or Around the beauitul Byron Bay.  On the auto web site , CARSguide.com.au they show a picture of the Audi TT and writing under it that states - "not  a drift car."  I find this quite interesting because it shows the popularity of the sport drifting in Australia.  In USA , one probably would never see this label under the Audi TT.  What does this say about the car culture in Australia compared to here?


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