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March 2007

New 2007 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Promotional Video

[Source Alfa-Romeo/Youtube]

United States Audi R8 Pricing


Audi R8 Pricing: Prepare to throw down over $109,000 for the new Audi R8 sports coupe powered by a manual transmission.   R-tronic , which Luxvelocity loves, will bring up the price another 9grand to $118,000.  Standard options with the new R8 are the Bang and Olufsen sound system to keep our ears happy while we are driving, bi-xeon headlights and very aggressive 19 inch racing wheels.    [Via Audi]

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Audi A3 Cabriolet / S3 Cabriolet Confirmed


Luxvelocity takes  a great liking to the new A3 because it is based on the almighty awarding winning Vdub GTI.   When we caught word that it would be offered as a Cabriolet and as an S-car Cabriolet via Auto-moto-und-sport it got us to thinking-  We would definitely like to see the new S3 Cabriolet Stateside but are we just getting our hopes up? The new S3 has not even made it stateside yet. We'lll keep our L / V crossed.  These are automobiles Americans want-


[Via Auto-motor-und-sport]

New Mercedes CL65 AMG Revealed at Amsterdam Auto Show


The all new V12 fire breathing Mercedes CL65 AMG has made its debut at the Amsterdam Auto Show.  The automotive genius at World Car FansWorld Car Fans reports through translation that the new AMG vehicle will boast god like 612 horsepower and a blistering 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds. Could this car possibly be unveiled at the NY Show as well?  Time shall tell.

Is this the New York Auto Show Mystery Car?

[Photo/Info Via World Car Fans]

Spy Shots: Is this the New Audi RS5?


(Is there a 414bhp and 317lb ft RS4 engine in this A-Coupe?)

With the confirmation of an Audi RS5 in the works by almighty Ingolstatd one could easily take a look at these spy photos and suddenly think Audi RS5-. Car Magazine reports that evidently this may be the RS5 "with the S5 being already signed off" and this car wearing such heavy spy camouflage.  Whether these new photos are RS5 or not, be sure that Audi is prepping one bad coupe to spar off with the new M3 coupe. 


(Big wheels/ Big Brakes - RS5 is rumored to come with R8 Ceramic Brakes )


(Exhaust looks very S5- but could be just a disguise)

[Photos/Info Via Carmagazine]

New York Auto Show: Who is Mercedes Mystery Automobile?


Who is Mercede's mystery AMG vehicle at the New York Auto Show?  Damn good question as it has yet to be unveiled.   Speculations point to the new Mercedes Benz CL 65AMG.  While some say it may be the CL , others still think that it could be the new Mb C63 AMG .  Luxvelocity hopes it is the later of the two.

The C-Class AMG Main Competitor: The NEW BMW M3

[Source AutoTelegraf ]

2008 BrabusMercedes C-class


Be prepared for one awesome tuner car: the Brabus Mercedes C-class. Brabus has added their German sport touch to the C-class sedan. In modified form, the Brabus C-class will get you 332 tuned horses out of the V6 engine and 310 lb/ft of torque.  What is the topspeed you ask ? How about an astoniquing 171mph.  Although it isn't the fastest Brabus, it is a great way to get into the tuning world ; ie a great entry level tuner car for the German car driving enthusiast. 

Like Brabus ?Sneak Preview of Brabus Tuned CL-Class C216

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