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May 2007

Maserati Granturismo Gets Pricing in Europe


The all new yet to be released Italian coupe the Maserati Granturismo has been priced out at 114.340 Euros according to Automobilisimo. Expect the new Italian sport coupe to be in high demand and it to be one of the hottest sports coupes on the world. If your in the market for a new Maserati Granturismo get your reservation in now before it is too late.

[Photo Via Creative Commons]

New Bmw M3 Wagon Photo Rendering


The chance the US getting a Wagon based Bmw M3 are about as slim as Rosie Odonnell returning to the view (or us watching the view) but nontheless the car will be a very exciting wagon for Europeans.  Worldcarfans has put together a nice rendering of what they think the M3 wagon will look like and we think that their photo is on point.  An M3 Wagon gives you the excitement and performance of a Bmw M3 with the added funcionality of a Wagon Hatch in the back.   

[Photo - Worldcarfans]

A Green Supercar? The Koenigsegg CCXR

What would the Pope drive if he wanted to purchase a Supercar-?   


[Photo: Koenigsegg ]

How about the Koenigsegg CCXR - which is being labeled as the world's first "green supercar". The Koenigsegg CCXR is labeled such because of its very friendly go green powerplant- E85 Ethanol which is basically a nice mix of patrol and pure alcohol. Finally E85 does not mean a sacrifice in performance.

Just how much power does this Swedish made and E85 powered car produce?  Enough to outpower the Bugatti Veyron (which has 986 bhp)- totallying in at 1004 bhp.  Note to sixty comes in at freakish 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 250 mph. Note again- This car can not be driven just be any rookie driver unless you want it to end up like the Ferrari Enzo in the Redline Movie released this year- sorry Mr. Pope.

With a price of 600, 000 k to build the Koenigsegg CCXR,  dont be suprised if you ever see one of these epic green supercars on the road- but take in part the statement this car makes in the automotive industry - both performance and a healthy green conscience for fuel economy- a valuable combination to both consumers and the environment.

[Source :Koenigsegg ]


The Audi A4 You've Been Waiting for?

Check out the current Audi A4 and you may find your self very unsatisfied not that it is a bad car .

It has to do with the fact that newly designed Audi's such as the A5, R8 , and Q7 make the A4 look like the ugly step sister of the bunch.  Indeed Audi is working on a new A4 which will most definitely take on the looks of the sporty A5 and R8 but official details aren't going to be released for quite some time. 

Here is a nice rendering of what the newly reworked Audi A4 could look like:


[Photo Rendering by Matt Daniels]

This new renering by Mr Daniels yields a A5 styled A4 with 4 doors- an accurate depiction  considering that the new A4 will take on styling cues from the A5.  Filling the wheel arches are aggressive A5 wheels and what Audi isn't complete without those stunning chrome mirror casings? 

Look for the new A4 to surface , surprise , and fulfill this September in Frankfurt Germany.

Check out the new A4 scoop and more Rendering by Daniels at Audiworld.

Dms Porsche 911 Turbo Preview


The Porsche 911 turbo is the pinnacle of European sports cars offering enthusiasts one of the best performing and handling sports car but what happens when tuner DMS takes it one step further?  DMS tuning knows that in order to make this 911 Turbo better , than they will have to still give the 911 its classic look but offer an advancement to the engine ECU software giving you one "sleeper" 911 Turbo.

DMS takes the 911 Turbo software and tweaks it giving the 911 an advancement of 62 bhp and and 89 lb ft of torque In addition to the super software upgrade comes the upgraded exhaust.  Finding out the difference between a 911 Turbo and DMS Turbo is for drivers alone to figure out- you wont really notice the difference between a 911 turbo and DMS Turbo from the outside appearance.

Next time your on the track and see a 911 turbo , think twice whether this super car has been touched by DMS with added performance upgrade. 

For more information about DMS Porsche Tuning check out:

Dms Automotive

[Source: Dms Automotive]

Hamman Ferrari F430 Black Miracle Preview


Just when you thought the Ferrari F430 couldn't get any faster or race-like in appearance, tuner Hamman has released the all new Ferrari F430 Black Magic.  This tuned Ferrari can not be mistaken for any other F430 on the market with its special appearance package that could scare any official motorsport race car.  This special appearance package is officially called "Black Magic." 

What else is offered with the "Black Magic" package in addition to appearance? How about a magically enhanced 50 horsepower via a multitronic programming tweak , new performance header, and new rear silencer.  Within this peformance package, there is also a suspension improvement that drives will love to have at the track , just to name a few.

Complimentary to both the performance upgrades and appearance package, Hamman has also decided to offer LSD doors which completes the overall eye catching appearance of the Hamman Black Magic F430.

[Source//Photo: Hamman Motorsport]

The VW Golf Gets Officially Pimped By VW: The VW Golf W12 Gti

What happens when VW wanted their very own pimped out version of the new VW Golf GTi- this ballistic Golf is the result:


This transformation is the VW Golf W12 Gti and yes that 12 in the label for you non automobile experts mean V12!  This VW tuned Golf boast over 600 bhp from the mid mounted longitudal W12 engine which means it has enough grunt to scare away even the baddest European automobiles on the road.  Note to sixty comes in a mere 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 200mph is easily accessible.  Luxvelocity sees the VW GOLF GTI 650 as a celebration to the GTI Line and the king of all GTI's. Yes VW, please build a few of these that could be released to public.

[Via Autoblog]


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