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June 2007

Novitec Tridente Reveals their Tuned Maserati Quattroporte


[Novitec Tridente Maserati Quattroporte]

The all new Quattroporte tuned by Novitec Tridente has been officially released.  The new Quattroporte features more aggressive wheels , sportier exhaust, and performance add ons to boast. Increased engine performance is a result of Novitec's power optimized ECU. More specific max torque of the modified Quattroporte comes in at 468 NM.

In the rear Tridente has added a stainless steel exhaust for the Quattroporte that are 2 x83mm in size and piloting this modified Quattroporte will be a complete joy whether you choose the Sport or Super Sport exhaust.  Look a little closer and you will notice that the Quattroporte now sits a little more closer to the thanks to the installed stainless steel coil over suspension which include dual adjustable stainless steel shock absorbers.


New California BMW M3 Sighting


[Photo Credit]

Here is a link to the most recent sighting of the new Bmw M3 in California courtesy of a member @ [M3post.com]

Entry Level Lamborghini Gallardo on the Way

Lamborghini is testing a new V8 Powered Gallardo which will sit below the Gallardo V10 [Carmagazine.co.uk]

This new Lamborghini will feature the V8 from the famed and hot selling Audi R8 and offer consumers a more affordable Lamborghini Gallardo experience. 

New Audi RS6 Spy Photos

New Audi RS6 Spy photos have surfaced [Worldcarfans]

Bmw 7 Series Speculation-500 Horse Twin Turbo on the Way?


[Photo Credit]

Wouldn't the new BMW 7 series be great with a twin turbo engine?  It would offer great acceleration and fuel economy to match in addition to filling out the BMW lineup accordingly- after all the 1 Series, 3 series, and 5 series all feature  the award winning turbocharged engine introduced in the 335i lineup. 

What if I told you Edmunds.com spies have found the new 7 Series prototype testing on the famed ring with a some sort of a spectacular turbocharged engine under the bonnet? Could this be a turbocharged version of the new M3 naturally aspirated V8? Edmunds thinks so- revealing the possibility of 500 plus horsepower engine for the 7 Series if in fact this is a turbocharged M powered engine.

The Photo of the turbocharged engine can be found Here.


Project Kahn Range Rover Sport Vesuvius Edition Preview


(Click image to expand Range Rover Vesuvius Edition advertisement)

As if the Stage 2/ 3 Project Kahn wasn't enough, Range Rover Tuner Project Kahn has expanded their Range Rover line with the all too bad ass Range Rover Sport Vesuvius Edition. This special edition ultimate Range Rover gets special orange hood and custom orange interior pieces along with suede letting you know visually that this is not your average Range Rover Sport. Just look at those wheels- they are 22  Inch RS-X Vesuvius wheels which fill out the already expanded arches in a stylish and dramatic manner.

Driving the Project Kahn Vesuvius means sitting behind the special Pentagon tinted windows and piloting the twin turbo supercharged engine while listening to the  specially crafted stainless steel exhaust. Cruising down the road in this new modified Range Rover Sport will leave one with the impression of something very special: something that of a Lamborghini or Ferrari because of its special exterior modifications with similar performance to match. Just don't stack one up against a Ferrari in the "twistys."

In fact it is easy to see this new Kahn Range as the perfect compliment to the uber coupe driver- someone that wants something to drive and impress when they aren't piloting their Bmw M6 or Ferrari F430 around.  It is a rare modified Range Rover that will turn heads and grace Autoshows until Kahn comes up with something even more visually stunning to look or drive.

[Project Kahn]

Click ahead for Pricing details.

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Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe Gets Driven

Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Video : Driven in Style [Motortrend]


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