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July 2007

Bugatti Veyron Killer - The Porsche 9ff GT9

70707310011m Porsche tuner 9ff has the new Bugatti Veyron it its sights with its new super car known as the 9FF GT9.  Expect a Bugatti fighting 910 horsepower for the GT9 , which is based on the 911 Turbo. When the car in fact hits Nardo sometime next year, expect the 9FF GT9 super car "to be able to beat the Veyron by 1,5 km/h in regards to top speed."
Also look for H & R springs to grace this new machine.


Alfa Romeo 8C Arrives in the States

Alfaromeo8ccompetizioneThe new Alfa Romeo 8C has hit the United States at the Rochester Hills where the Meadowbrook Concours d'Elegance took place over the weekend. Jalopnik has the scoop as they were at the event  and had the chance to see the new Italian up close and in person.  After exportation, expect a price at nearly
200, 000 dollars for the new Italian Supercar according to Alfa.  Head to the link for full photography of the Alfa Romeo 8C.


Mini Clubman Mania- Group of New Videos

Ssd 8 new Mini Clubman videos hit the web today at Motoringfile.

Check them out

Peugeot 308 RC Z Concept Revealed


Peugeot has a trick ups its sleeve with the new 308 RC Z -Concept  and you might mistake if for a Nissan Z ,  Audi TT or possibly a  nice cross between the two with a Peugeot face.  Set to compete with you guess it, the TT and the like this new Peugeot is a 2 + 2 seater with "feline like " front headlights as Peugeot likes to call them and the signature "lion badge." The engine was desinged by PSA Peugeot Citroën in collaboration with BMW resulting in 1.6 litre THP engine.  Note to sixty comes in at a healthy 7.5 seconds in fifth gear.  The concept is hint to the direction that Peugeot will take in the future with their cars and who knows if people love it, we may just one to go up against the Audi TT.


Techart Cayenne Hitting Frankfurt Auto Show


The Frankfurt  Auto show will see a very special car this year known as the Techart Magnum Cayenne.  There are more tuner brands at Frankfurt than Red Sox fans at Tampa Bay Devil Ray game(if this makes no sense to you than it means a lot.)  The Cayenne all done up Techart style has more Posh than the Spice Girl herself and pushes 620 Horsepower- enough to get Beckham to the game even if he is late.  By the way,  this Techart Magnum Cayenne will be snatched up by celebrities and the like and seeing that there will be only 500 produced there is fat chance to acquire one.


Click ahead for Press Release

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Lumma BMW M6





The Lumma BMW M6 , known as the CLR 600 , is Lumma's second attempt at  modifying a BMW M vehicle: their first was with the striking BMW M5.  This tuned M6 is just as great. Just what makes this tuned BMW M6 so special? This tuned M6 by Lumma boasts a custom wide-body kit.

All pieces of the custom wide-body kit are made of carbon fiber , meaning no sacrifice in performance and because of their design increased aerodynamics. High performance 20 inchers grace the Lumma M6's wheel wells and give the driver "track-like" grip.  Stopping the high performance super coupe is a job done by the CLR 600's Brembo brake assembly.

Whether you decide to take the Lumma M6 to the track or just drive it around town , You will know that you are driving one of the hottest tuned M6's on the road.

For more on the Lumma M6 , Visit:

[Lumma Design]

Audi A7 Concept Photo Released

Audia7rendering_1_560Its been quite the week for concept photos at Carmagazine, first the A1, then the R8 Targa, and now the slick Audi A7 concept photo. This rendering gives you an idea of how the new A7 should look when it is released to take on the Mercedes CLS and the like. Look for the Concept to hit the States at the 2008 New York Auto Show. Dont expect the W12 to hit this machine off the bat as it first will be offered with 6 and 8 cylinder engines.  What 's the price? Right between the  A6 and A8.

[Source : Carmagazine]


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