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August 2007

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New Porsche Panamera Spotted in California

2823_large The folks over at Fast Lane Daily have got some really dedicated fans - fans that do things of epic proportions. 

Take in part this hot new spy photo of the new Porsche Panamera being testing on the West Coast in California from a viewer who likes to be called mcshin.We think mcshin is the macdaddy of spy photography.  The Panamera will be Porsche next hot selling car whether Porsche purists like it or not.  Expect Carrera GT influence all over this new bad boy Porsche. We like to squint our eyes while looking at the new spy photo and think of the Carrera GT.

Take a look at the full photo at Fast Lane Daily.

Or better yet watch Mr. Mike Spinelli of Jalopnik , and guest host of Fast Lane Daily, present the new photos to you in video format- yes we are lazy too and enjoy our news in video format.

Fast Lane Daily Video on Youtube.

Say Hello to the NEW AUDI A4

A4_motorauthority_5 The new Audi A4 has been leaked on the internet thanks to the fellas at Motor  Authority and the new bread and butter automobile for Audi has grown up accordingly with it's other Audi siblings.  From the side the new A4 looks as though it has taken a cue from its older sibling the Audi A6 giving it a more fuller and longer look- look too quick at the new A4 and you may mistake it for the A6...

[Photo Via Motor Authority]

From the front one instantly sees the new Audi A5 when glancing at the headlights which now feature special Audi LED Technology.  These headlights though are not totally the same as the A5 though as they have a certain flare to them which compliment the Audi A4's new body lines. Looking at the nose of the new A4 , one can instantly see a little of the Audi A3 because of its tightness.   Head to the back of the new A4 and one is easily reminded of the new sleek rear of the Audi A5.

Until the new  S4 and RS4 models hit the market drivers will have to be satisfied with the FSI V-6 which produces 265 horsepower.

Look for the new Audi A4 at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Head over to Motor Authority for the full scoop.

Audi A3 Cabrio- No Camouflage.

Images2 The new Audi A3 has been spied recently across the web and now Worldcarfans has an interesting computer generated image of the vehicle with its "Camou" removed. These generated images give you a nice idea of how the new A3 Cabrio will look. To be built in Belgium, these spy photos come from a testing facility near Ingolstadt.

Find them Here



Bmwm3concept If your in Europe and you are in the pursuit of a new BMW M3, you are way too late. This car is sold out according to Topgear's  Tom Ford.  What are some good alternatives? Check out his blog. Our vote goes to the Audi RS4.

Missed out on the M3?[Top Gear]

Here is what you are missing out with the new M3: Burn out video  [Evo Magazine]

Prodrive to Release Two Special Tuned Astons at Frankfurt


Prodrive is set to release two very special tuned Aston Martins at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show. The two cars will be based on the new DB9 and the smaller and sexy V8 Vantage. Expect Pro drive to add their touch to these automobiles by giving them the "Pro touch" or in other words new racier body kit and performance enhancements resulting in the most bad ass Aston's.


[Auto Express]

Lotus Exige Sport 240 Sydney Bound

Exige_sport_240_australia The new Lotus Exige Sport 240 is set to hit the Sydney Auto show and the vehicle intends to give drivers a more racier experience with added horsepower and the integration of F1 style traction control. To date, the new Lotus Exige Sport 240 is the fastest production Elise and only vehicle to feature the F1 style traction control. Most importantly ,whether on the road or on the track, the new Exige Sport 240 will "outpace cars two or three times its price."

[Image Lotus]

Click ahead for full press release

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