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October 2007

Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe Video - Tokyo Auto Show

The new open air Rolls made an appearance at the Tokyo Auto Show and thanks to  "emmarin" of Youtube we now have the video footage.  Enjoy.

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BMW'S NEW 7 -SERIES Gets Spied

531328451_9efe0d5c6f_m Stop the presses, Bmw's new flagship 7 Series Sedan has been captured by spy photographers over at Worldcarfans. 
Just what is in store for the new sedan? Our impressions of the new BMW 7 Series spy photos have us seeing X5- what we mean by this is expect the new 7er to have the boastful and more aggressive front end such as on the X. Look for bigger "kidneys" in the front in addition to slightly bigger headlights.

From the side of the new 7 Series we expect a more aggressive body line and lets not also forget what Mr.Potter has pointed out at WCF , the new  7 Series will also feature the new E92 BMW M3 engine which of course would be our choice.  But if you may you may there will also be a V-12 and traditional straight-line 6.

Check out the Spy Photos Here.

[Image :Creativecommons.org]

Fast Lane Daily Brings the Heat from Sema Auto Show, Guest Hosted by 50 Cent

Fast Lane Daily has made the trek out to the Sema auto show to bring you some of the hottest automotive news.  Today is the premiere episode from Sema with them bringing top dog 50 Cent to host the show!  Check out 50's branded Pontiac G8, WHICH BRINGS OVER 500 ,  but remember that this thing is not all a Luxvelocity vehicle.
What do you think of the 50 CENT G8?  Co hosted by Ashley Van Dyke.

Lamborghini LP640 Starting and Acceleration Video

This Lamborghini spotting happened at the Mantova Center , check it out as it revs up it's engine and speeds off into day. It has so much power that even Ivy Supersonic couldn't handle it. Note Ivy Supersonic is the supermodel that got kicked off of the Tyra Banks Show. Special thanks to NobleM15 for the upload...

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Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 GT: Hot as Farah Johnson

9071029015mini4l The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 GT is officially here today as the press release is here. This new Mercedes has been developed by British motor racing specialists RML Group and is for the racing grounds specifically.  So dont plan on driving this new bad boy to the grocery store- yeah we wouldn't either.  With only 21 production vehicles available these will be just as rare as the Lamborghini Reventon. Check out the full press release to see how the RML Group has modified the SLR McLaren 722 GT.

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Audi Q5 To Be Reavealed at La Auto Show

791019395_554a71f260_m The New Audi Q5 is Set to be Released at La Auto Show [Automotive News- Sub Required]

[Photo : Creative Commons]

Lamborghini Reventon Set to be Most Valuable Supercar?

Top Gear has recently driven Lamborghini's new bad boy super-car , which they describe as "THE expensive car" that will most likely fluctuate in value more than a "newly discovered Leonardo painting." With no more than 20 being produced, one can easily see how this new Lamborghini will sky rise in value. 

[Photo Credit:Top Gear]

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