AC Schnitzer BMW Z4 is closest thing to Z4 M


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New accessories by AC Schnitzer for Mini Cooper Convertible


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AC-Schnitzer tuning package planned for BMW Z4

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BMW X6 Gets New Wings :AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon


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Ac Schnizter Named Best Bmw Tuner


Ac Schnitzer , Bmw based tuner, has been named the best tuner by readers of Auto Moto Und Sport:

The "Bible" of the German car trade "auto motor und sport" has just published the results of its reader survey "Best Cars of 2007". In the survey period from 11.10.2006 - 08.01.2007, a total of 100,782 subscribers cast their vote. As in 2006 for the first time, the readers were asked again about tuning houses - with the question: ";Please mark all companies providing high quality products! Good products come from" which quite clearly asked about high quality developments. The fact that the readers of "auto motor und sport" have decisively elected AC Schnitzer for the second time in a row to 1st Place amongst BMW tuners further reinforces our decision to retain our costly development and test methods.

Via Ac Schnitzer

Bmw ACS E92 Before- After Photos



Ac Schnitzer has tuning packages available for the all new Bmw 3 Series coupe.  Pictured here are before and after shots of the Bmw 335i fitted with the ACS treatment.  This ACS package definitely gives the Bmw 3 series Coupe an aggresive and stand out look that Bmw drivers are looking for.  Ac Schnitzer packages can be found at Cecwheels.

AC Schnitzer Bmw 335i Coupe



Finally the day has come :pictures of the modified 335i Coupe from Ac Schnitzer have arrived!
As of rigth now just exterior modifications are availabe from ACS- rims, aeros, etc. In the future ace tuner AC Schnitzer plans to add performance modifications to the lineup for the new 3 Series Coupe.

more info available via


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