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2010 Glenmoor Gathering : "The Historic Motorcars of Cleveland"

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Your vote is needed for Internet Car and Truck of the Year


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Abt AS5 Audi A5 Preview


[Photo Credit- Abt Sportsline]

Tuning expertise has arrived for the new Audi A5 . Dubbed the Audi Abt AS5, this tuned Audi A5 boasts trademark Abt styling and power to match.  From the front this new AS5 grabs your attention with it's painted hood and matching roof  in addition to "sleek gill shaped air inlets."  Ultimately painting the hood and roof gives the Audi A5 a complete race look that is reminiscent in other tuner cars such as the Ac Schnitzer M5 Powered 3 Series. Mate this with new Audi nose and you have one unmistakable face for the Abt Audi AS5.

Pop up the painted hood and Abt has an even more special treat for drivers. Abt takes the standard 3.0 Tdi engine and  gives it a "specific power treatment." To be more exact , this Abt A5 gets a improvement in horsepower from 240 hp to 272 hp from improved motor management.  That 's not enough though for this special tuned A5, a turbocharger is also fitted bringing horsepower up to a healthy 300.  Keeping all of the horsepower on the road means standard Quattro and an added adjustable sports suspension from Abt.

Ultimately, it all comes together for the Abt AS5 when it is fit with the signature AR- which are available in 18-20 inch diameters. 

Is the Abt AS5 enough to sway S5 buyers?  One could  think so if a buyer is looking for a  very distinctive looking Audi A5 but it does come up rather short to the S5's 350 horsepower. In the end you be the judge as they are both automotive masterpieces.

For more information please visit: Abt Sportsline


ABT AUDI R8- Do Tuner Cars Get Any Better?


The new Audi ABT R8 has what it takes to make it the most desirable luxury tuning vehicle on the market : it has great looks, an awesome supercharged 4.2 litre, and wheels to die for.  0-60 comes easily at 3.9 seconds and top speed is limited to 317 khm.  One thing that could make this vehicle even greater would be the Lamoborghini V10 that has been testing on the "Ring" recently .


Source :ABT Sportsline

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