The Brabus Tesla Roadster


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Brabus Turns 30: Launches New Car, New Website

Brabus_30_years Brabus turns 30 this year and will celebrate at the International Auto Show at Frankfurt.  In addition to their staple of tuner Mercs which will appear at the show,  Brabus will launch the redesign of their  new website, and one special "wolf in sheeps clothing."  What will this special car be at Frankfurt? Possible a tuner Mercedes C-class?  If you can't make it to the show, expect to be able to go online and actually configure the car online via virtual config.

Also If you didn't know, Brabus is "considered a car manufacturer by the German Federal Motor Vehicle Registration Agency." 

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2008 BrabusMercedes C-class


Be prepared for one awesome tuner car: the Brabus Mercedes C-class. Brabus has added their German sport touch to the C-class sedan. In modified form, the Brabus C-class will get you 332 tuned horses out of the V6 engine and 310 lb/ft of torque.  What is the topspeed you ask ? How about an astoniquing 171mph.  Although it isn't the fastest Brabus, it is a great way to get into the tuning world ; ie a great entry level tuner car for the German car driving enthusiast. 

Like Brabus ?Sneak Preview of Brabus Tuned CL-Class C216

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