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The Affordable Audi R8- Audi TT by Caractere


Caractere makes some pretty fine accessories for your Audi, Now they have totally outdone themselves with the all-new Caractere AUDI TT which resembles a mini R8.  In the front of the Audi TT aka Mini R8 is the same similar styled front aero kit from the Audi R8.  From the side , there are the R8 side slot of the supercar Audi in painted gray.  From the back , the TT Caractere is very similar to the R8 and could easily be mistaken for the new Audi R8 with its aggressive rear exhaust and rear lip..

In the end when all parts are combined to the R8, you are left with one affordable looking Audi R8 lookalike.  The car itself was reveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this March of 2007 and definitely has enthusiast buzzing.  Driving on the highway , I really think that you could mistake this bad boy for the new Audi R8.

Words Luxvelocity
Photos Caractere

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