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Virtual Racing: Gran Turismo 5 release date set for March 2009 for Japanese markets


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Ronn Scorpion: Exotic look , Hydrogen Heart

01_44bThe Hydrogen Supercar that is set to Rock you like a Hurricane

(The Ronn Scorpion:currently in development)

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Land Rover LRX Concept Video

Landroverlrx3 The guys over at have gotten the chance to see the upcoming LRX concept in person and of course brought their trusty video cameras with them. The "Baby Land Rover"  which will debut at the Detroit Auto Show was shown to Car by Land Rover 's design director recently and Ben Barry was there to give you the footage.  Is it us or does this thing look like a smushed, coupe Land Rover Range Stormer? 


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New Lamborghini Design Concept: The Lamborghini Embolado

Lamborghiniembolado3 A designer by the name of Luca Serafini of University of Parma sketched this new Lambo Concept. Yes this is a concept don't rush out to your nearest Lambo dealership with deposit in hand.  The designers inspiration for the piece came from his extreme closeness to the Lamborghini brand: he lives in Modena , Italy.

Mr Serafini describes the Embolado :

l, named "Embolado Bull" (or Toro Embolado).

"The choice of the name was the first step towards the creation of this concept".

"Based on the Gallardo dimensions, I started to define the main lines in a very marked and steady way, giving the front end taurin forms".

We applaud the design sketch here and the efforts by Mr Serafini. Whether or not Lamborghini ever decides to produce a small scale "Bull" is totally up to them , but with the rumored "Dino" on the way for Ferrari, there may be the waving of the red flag by Lamborghini in the pen. 

[Via Carbodydesign]

A Drop Top Mercedes-Benz S600


TopGear Magazine reports that the S600 Convertible Concept from Mercedes Benz will appear at the Detroit Motor Show this year. The model , which is code named as "Concept Ocean Drive" will boast fancier Led taillights and the Airscarf system from the Mercdes-Benz Slk. Mercedes boasts that this car is just what it is: a concept to get attention. However insiders say "Mercedes is further down the line with an S-Class drop-top than just a one-off show car."


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