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The HAMANN refining programme for the new BMW 7-series


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Hamaan -Motorsports Bentley Continental Imperator revealed


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Hamann Ferrari F430 WITH TUBI Exhaust-

Here is a Hamann F430 with Tubi Exhaust - Check it the video and see for yourself whether you like the way the F430 sounds with modified Tubi Exhaust. Some argue that the Ferrari F430's Exhaust sounds much better left alone- the Italian have already perfected the sound. Other modders believe that the sound is not enough. You be the judge.

Hamman Takes Care of BMW X5


Hamman has gotten their hands on the new BMW X5 as expected yielding in one great automotive tuning result. The Hammand BMW X5 has classic sized up(which are available in 20 or 22inch form) wheels and increased aerodynamics through body kit and side skirts.  The Hamman X5 also received increases in performance through the perfomance package ECU upgrade giving the Hamman X5 400 horsepower and increased 0-60 time.  Click on for more images-

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20007 Hamman Ferrari F430



If your looking to take care of your tuning itch for the new Ferrari F430, Hamman may be able to help you. They offer some very impressive aerokits and wheels for the new Ferarri F430. Purchase all the aftermarket parts and hit the track in stye.

Visit http://www.hamann-motorsport.de/index_start_en.php for more information and pricing in addition to other tuning programs for your Ferrari.

2007 Hamman Lamborghini Murcielago



Have a 07 Lamborghini Murcielago and want more power and looks from it? Then consult Hamman Motorsports for the job. The Hamman tuning program ups the Murcielago to a very serious 640 horsepower with a stainless steel rear muffler system. In addition to the upgraded Hamman Murcielago exhaust sytem, one can also opt for the Hamman Carbon Fiber interior , exterior rear spoiler , and their very vicious 20 inch forged "Edition Race" wheels.

Check out http://www.hamann-motorsport.de/ for more information and pricing


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