Maserati Quattroporte upgraded to 590 hp by Novitec Tridente


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Novitec Rosso F430 F1 Supersport

This is a promotional video from Novitec Rosso showcasing the new F430, an absolute beast of a machine. The video gives you a glimpse of the fully speced Novitec F430 cruising around. It doesn't actually show of the performace of the car , but it is nontheless a great video fo the car. Enjoy!

Novitec Russo

Novitec Rosso's Ferrari F430- Proven Aerodynamic Results


Tuner Novitec Rosso's tuned Ferrari F430 has been put to the test on the wind tunnel at their testing facility in Stuttgart.  The Novitec F430 was tested at 140 km/h with full aerokit and rear apron yielding  improved negative lift.  Novitec proves to be the ace tuner for Ferrari and they continue to produce top-notch performance enhancing accesories for Ferraris.  Novitec Rosso accessories can be purchased through Cecwheels. 

via Cecwheels


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