The latest offering from Rinspeed-Porsche Rinspeed Indy 4S


This is an amazing tuned 2007 Porsche 911 by Rinspeed Inc. It features some very complimentary aero-dynamic components, wheels to die for (all wheels should fit their car and looks this good on a car), and a suspension that provides the amazing stance this machine holds.

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Exclusive optical package for Porsche 911 (997)


Carrera 4 or Carrera 4S, Coupe or Convertible: Rinspeed is offering its aerodynamic package Indy for immediate deliveries.
The original front skirt is replaced by a complete Rinspeed front skirt which enhances the aerodynamic down force. Side skirts let the 997 appear lower and more dynamic. Additionally, a rear skirt with a difusor optic has been developed. The tuner also offers the well established aluminum wheel in the Design C5/1 in 20" for this model range. Wheels of 8.5 x 20" and tires of the maximal width of 245/30-20 can be fitted on the front axle where as the rear takes 11 x 20" wheels with tires of the dimension 305/25-20.

Apart of the aerodynamics package, Rinspeed also offers a wide exhaust program. The possibilities range from oval end pipes to a flow optimized sport exhausts to high performance exhaust systems which include headers, metal catalytic converters and rear mufflers.

Suspension wise Rinspeed opts for sporty lowering springs (approximately 25mm). Alternatively adjustable coil-over suspension kits can be ordered. Both sets are compatible with the original PASM system.


The interior is enhanced by full leather trims, airbag sport steering wheels, aluminum pedals, aluminum foot rests and shift knobs.

Rinspeed Inc : cheers to them and their efforts with this beauty.


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