Porsche RUF RT12 R Turbo and New Porsche Ruf 997 RGT Videos

Here are some videos of the new Porshce Ruf RGT and Ruf RT12 . Watch the video and go along for a ride in these the "GREEN HORNET"! Thanks to Steven for the videos. This Ruf 997 RT11 is so beautiful and such an improvement over the regular 911 model- Ruf really brings out the performance and aggresiveness of the Porsche 997! Buy your Ruf Performance Accessories

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Bad Boy Ruf RGT

Ruf conversion Porsches are some of the nicest sport cars on the market and now there are conversion centers across the USA. Ruf wil take your 997 - 911 and upgrade it in every department- exterior, interior, wheels, and last but not least performance.  Note to Sixty is estimated at 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 195 mph. Of course this speed should be used on a track or in a controlled environment.  Hope to see some Ruf's in this years Gumball Race.





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